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We foster lifelong client relationships.


Our goal is to impress you so much that you come back to us with every new position and that you recommend us to your friends and family. 

We add a personal touch through an introductory consultation, consistent correspondence, and by being your on-call support. 


Need to apply for a position in two days? We can make it happen. We believe in minimizing anxiety and maximizing quick results. 

We are reliable. We are thoughtful. And we know how to get the job done.

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Not sure exactly what you need? We'd love to walk through how we can best support you.

$10 will get you up to a 20 minute phone call and can be applied to any service you purchase.


As your resume writer of choice, we'll handle all the details. Need a cover letter? A LinkedIn scrub? 
We have you covered. You get peace of mind knowing your career and investment are in great care.


Hire a resume writer and get back time while maximizing opportunity. Leave the details to us and have time for the things you actually want to do. We know all the ins and outs of the industry and can curate a resume that meets your needs.


Turn your military experience into equivalent civilian knowledge, skills, and abilities. We've been there and can assist you with your questions and needs. You are in safe, reliable hands.


Having someone on your team can help the career change process feel so much more empowering. We are in your corner, looking to curate an experience that helps you take those next big steps with a little less worrry.

Federal Resume

Federal resumes are different from those required in the corporate world. We will help target your resume to a specific occupational series and grade, ensuring keywords are at the forefront of your experience, paired with core competencies. No federal experience? No problem. Need to turn your military jargon into something that makes sense? Easy day! Our resumes show hiring officials that you are highly qualified for the positions you apply to.

Corporate Resume

Land your dream job with a creative and professionally crafted resume that highlights your key skills and abilities. Our resumes help you tell your career story in a way that edges past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and catches recruiters' attention.

Comprehensive Resume Review

Think your resume is looking pretty great but you're still not getting any hits?

Book a comprehensive resume review and get $50 off of a full resume if booked within 30 days after the review.

Mock Interview

The resume worked! You have an interview. Now what? In a 60 minute session, we'll conduct a Zoom call and give you the hardest mock interview we can think of. We'll critique your verbal and nonverbal communication, how you answer the questions, how you present yourself and provide you tangible real-time feedback. Sound terrible? It should. It will be approximately one billion times worse than your actual interview and you will BE PREPARED.

USAJOBS Account Set Up

In a scheduled Zoom session, I will share my screen with you and walk you through creating a USAJobs account. We will discuss any hiring "points" you earn, and the documents that need to be uploaded to qualify for those. This session does not include a resume build via USAJob's builder process.

USAJOBS Application

Sometimes you just want someone to walk you through the application. I got you. Through a scheduled Zoom session, you will share your screen with me and I will walk you through submitting your job application and USAJob's associated questionnaire. 

Speech Writing

Are you the guest speaker at a retirement ceremony or change of command? Perhaps you're speaking to a local Rotary Club or have been asked to represent your organization at an upcoming seminar? Maybe you're the best man or maid of honor and are in a pinch. As a professional speechwriter and public speaking educator, I will craft a speech in your voice that is sure to inspire, inform, and impress!

30 or 60 Minute Strategy Session

Sometimes you just need an outside opinion. Not sure what you qualify for? Are you ready to promote or are you looking for a lateral overseas move? Feeling rejected? Dejected? What's next? Maybe you just have generic questions about the process. Let's talk.  Book a strategy call.

Cover Letter

Does USAJobs require a cover letter? Nope.

Do hiring officials expect one? Absolutely. 


A cover letter is perfectly tailored for the job you're applying to. It can address some tricky issues like how your military skills relate to a civilian position, why you are qualified for a GS-13 and not a GS-11, and perhaps why you're transitioning from a 30-year nursing career to an operations research internship opportunity. 


This is how you introduce yourself to a potential employer and communicate the skills your resume lists in a well-versed narrative.  

LinkedIn Review

LinkedIn is an essential branding tool in your toolkit during your jobs search and long after. Like it or not, you are being researched. With millions of members, your LinkedIn profile may be the most "Google-able" link that pops up to the top of a simple search. Best to have it in ship-shape!


We will review your photo, background photo, headline, summary, buzzwords, skills, your network, activity, who you're following, and how you endorse and support others. If this seems like a lot, you're right! And we are here to help. 

Federal Resume
Corporate Resume
Resume Review
Mock Interview
USAjobs Account Setup
USAjobs Application
Speech Writing
Strategy Session
Cover Letter
LinkedIn Review
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